Why did you write the book?

It was never my intention to pen a business book. I’d always imagined writing a novel (we’ve all got one lurking inside of us haven’t we?). And I still aim to do that at some stage but sometimes events overtake us and priorities change. At least in the short-term.


And that was kind of how this book came about. Being awarded the LinkedIn ‘Top Voice’ for being a Top Writer for Marketing & Social for 2015 was the genesis. Then, in quick succession, winning LinkedIn’s ‘Agency Publisher of the Year’ for 2015 made me realise that maybe a book about how that actually happened (and as I write that, I am still surprised that it did) might be a good idea. Or maybe not, dear reader, maybe not. Only you can decide that.


What is the book about?

I’m putting everything I have learned as a ‘Top Voice’ and ‘Agency Publisher of the Year’ out there to help you find your voice.


All the hints, tips and insights that I can think of have been included. I have held nothing back in my pursuit to get other like-minded individuals with a passion for the written word to get publishing on a regular basis.